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Hi-Line was founded 1959 when J.P. Sheaffer recognized  the need for timely, direct delivery of quality electrical and mechanical maintenance products. His solution: take the store to the customer.

J.P. and his sons would package maintenance, repair and operational products at night and pack them in his station wagon for delivery to customers the next day. Today, Hi-Line’s Territory Managers drive custom vans fully stocked with more than 1,200 products (from a selection of more than 30,000) to serve the needs of thousands in the transportation, aerospace, aviation, plant maintenance and heavy equipment industries nationwide.

I saw a definite void in the marketplace, the need for replacement parts, which are incidental, except everybody needed them and no one knew where to get them. Well I did!

—J.P. Sheaffer, Founder and Chairman

Hi-Line’s growth and service reputation are founded on three core principles:

  1. The customer deserves personal, on-site support.
  2. Service should consistently respect integrity-based business ethics.
  3. All direct-deliveries should extend beyond competitively priced, quality products to include substantive customer benefits.

Every successful company is made up of core beliefs. These beliefs are the foundation that helps the company grow and prosper. Here at Hi-Line, our beliefs revolve around hiring good people, providing quality products, giving outstanding service and offering competitive pricing.

—Mike Sheaffer, President

Our Mission Statement:

As a financially sound and responsible company, Hi-Line will continue as a progressive, growth-oriented distributor of quality electrical and mechanical maintenance products. We are committed to the highest level of professional and friendly service to our customers. We provide our team members a quality standard of living in a healthy work environment.


Hi-Line proudly supports these organizations:

Special Olympics, American Pregnancy Association, and Wounded Warrior Porject

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