DOT Fittings & Tubing

Hi-Line’s family of D.O.T. air brake fittings encompass the entire breadth of brass offerings from industry leaders Parker, Velvac® and Eaton/Weatherhead including unions, connectors, elbows, nuts, sleeves and union tees.

Compression Air Brake Fittings

Easy to assemble (no tube preparation or flaring required.) Built in tube support.

Quick-Connect Air Brake Fittings

Easy, fast assembly, onepiece fitting, reusable Field Serviceable.

Prestomatic Air Brake Fittings

 No special tools are needed to assemble. Just bottom the tubing in the fitting body for a positive seal.

Push-Lock Air Brake Fittings

High strength composite fittings offer weight savings over all brass style fittings-currently being used by many OE vehicle manufacturers

Synflex Eclipse Air Brake Tubing

Synflex Eclipse is the new standard in air brake tubing. Its superior abrasion resistance and wider temperature range due to its patented construction make it the best in the industry. It is available in all standard sizes and colors.

Features / Benefits

  • Superior abrasion resistance – Synflex Eclipse outperforms rubber and Nylon 11 due to its patented 100% polyamides construction with polyester yarn reinforcement. It is UV stabilized and Thermoformable.
  • Wider Temperature Range – operating temperature range is wider than traditional nylon tubing.  -65°F to 200°F (-54°C to 93°C)
  • Standard Compliance – Meets SAE J844, J1131, J2494-3 and DOT-FMVSS 106
  •  Ease of Cutting – The unique construction of Synflex Eclipse tubing promotes bur free cuts, which yields improved assembles with either push-to-connect or compression fittings.
  •  Enhanced Flexibility and Extension – of Synflex Eclipse tubing has improved flexibility over other nylon tubing. This translates into easier installation and handling at low temperatures.