STC® Fittings

Leak-Free Connections in a Snap

Design Features

  • Positive round-wire style latching mechanism.
  • Swivels for installation (in absence of pressure).
  • Low profile; compact design.
  • Elastomeric o-ring seal – available in many materials.
  • Capable of direct porting into valve blocks or manifolds.
  • Dual purpose dust seal/release sleeve.
  • Simple stamped release tool for disconnecting.


  • Fast reliable one-hand connections requiring no assembly tools.
  • Eliminates cross-threading, over or undertorquing, and hose twisting.
  • Installs easily in confined areas.
  • Zero leak performance per SAE J1176.
  • Direct porting eliminates adapters to maximize cost savings.
  • Resists external contamination.
  • Allows easy disconnection with release tool.

STC® Repair Kits (Female Halves)

STC® Repair Kits (Female Halves)

2015-01-28 04:08:58 Hi-Line, Inc.
Includes • Instructions on repairing STC® (Bulletin JA535) • Back-up Ring • Retaining Ring • O-Ring  
Part No.
Dash Size
FF1222808 Kit for size -08 08 $4.14 / each
Call for volume discount!
FF1222810 Kit for size -10 10 $4.14 / each
Call for volume discount!
FF1222812 Kit for size -12 12 $4.30 / each
Call for volume discount!
FF1222806 Kit for size -06 06 $4.98 / each
Call for volume discount!
FF1222816 Kit for size -16 16 $4.27 / each
Call for volume discount!
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